New One-Sheet Poster Released for Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie

Geek Culture

It’s hard not to wish, based on the previews I’ve seen so far for John Carter, that Disney had kept the film that was originally supposed to be released on March 9 instead. Why? Because that movie — which is now going to be released October 5 — is Frankenweenie, from the entertainingly twisted mind of Tim Burton. A new “one-sheet” has been released for the film:


Image: Walt Disney Pictures

Frankenweenie, a feature-length remake of a short film Burton made way back in 1984, before he became famous. It tells the story of a boy named Victor whose dog Sparky passes away, and who then uses science to bring Sparky back to life. The movie is being made using stop-motion animation, and filmed in 3D and in black-and-white, which is a combination rarely seen in movies these days. Obviously, it’s a comedy — and you have to love the choice of the names “Victor” and “Sparky.” It’s not a sure thing with Burton as much as it once was, but this movie looks like it’s going to be well worth waiting for.

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