PlayStation Offers a Sleigh-Full of Family-Friendly Move Games for the Holidays

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In the motion controller wars, the Move stands head and shoulders above the competition. Its controller, combined with the Eye camera, allows for accurate movement tracking and integrates well with Sony’s selection of movement games. Just in time for the holidays, Sony has released four new games that take advantage of the Move controller. All are rated “E” for Everyone, all are priced affordably, and all are very fun.

Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest

This sword-slashing game is just the ticket for the boys and girls looking for adventure. As Deadmund, players move through castle after cavern, attacking and defending against a variety of comical undead skeletal foes. In his arsenal, Deadmund has access to a sword, bow and arrows, and throwing stars, as well as a shield for blocking. It’s one of the better Move titles to date and does a great job with its storytelling. Gameplay is intuitive and simple, but the one drawback is that the game is very much on rails; you have no control over Deadmund’s movement. Still, Medieval Moves will provide hours of enjoyment for even the most adventuresome young swashbuckler.

... and friends!... and friends!

EyePet & Friends

With the launch success of the virtual pet game, EyePet, a sequel was guaranteed. Now, EyePet & Friends is available for kids of all ages to experience the fun of having a pet without those late night trips outside or costly vet bills. The biggest addition this time around is a second onscreen pet, so two kids can play at the same time. You can teach your EyePet tricks and play with it as the Eye camera superimposes the pet to an onscreen image of your living room. There’s even a reward system that allows players to earn tokens to customize their pets and toys and the best part is that this pet will never scratch up your furniture.

All the fun of a carnival, with no missing digits!All the fun of a carnival, with no missing digits!

Carnival Island

Carnival Island is a new title that brings all the fun of a carnival midway to your home, without the scary carnies. This fun party game lets players compete in nearly three dozen minigames from Skeeball to ring toss and nearly everything in between. Up to four players can play at a time, battling for high score and winning tickets, which players can redeem for in-game prizes and extra activities. One of our favorite parts of the game was using the Move control to distort our image in the Magic Mirror. Carnival Island is an amusement park’s worth of fun.

Best all ages game, ever.Best all ages game, ever.
LittleBigPlanet 2 Special Edition

In addition to the award winning ultra-creative puzzle game, the LittleBigPlanet 2 Special Edition packs in more than $35 of extras, including 5 new Move levels, 7 mini levels, the Toy Story costume pack, Toy Story level pack and a dozen more costumes for your Sackfolk. You can still control your character from start to finish with your PlayStation controller or, if the feeling, um, moves you, your Move controller. However you decide to control your Sackboy or girl, LittleBigPlanet remains one of the best all ages games ever.

Disclosure: GeekDad received review copies of these games.

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