Show Me the Money!

Geek Culture

Photo: Judy Berna

It’s that time of year again, time to either jump into those annoying New Year’s resolutions with both feet, or ignore them completely. I have a few rolling around in the back of my head, the usual stuff. You know, getting healthy, being a better person and all that. But there was one resolution that surprised me, and hadn’t even been on my radar just two weeks ago.

I resolve to give up balancing my family’s budget. No, I don’t mean we aren’t going to be paying our bills anymore. Despite what some government bodies are doing, that would just be irresponsible. Instead, I’m handing the responsibility over to my husband.

Read the rest of Judy Berna’s post, discuss her question, “Who handles the money in your household, and why? Does the set up work for you or does it stress you out?” and suggest geeky ways to sort out finances over at GeekMom.

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