NASA Remembers Its Fallen

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[Apollo 1 Astronauts][Apollo 1 Astronauts]

Astronauts Grissom, White, and Chaffee who were lost in the Apollo 1 Fire (Image: NASA)

This time of the year has a poignant place in the hearts of all of those who work in or love the space program. It is an unfortunate cluster of dates that represent the anniversary of the three events that cost us the lives of astronauts in their vehicles. January 27th marks the anniversary of the Apollo 1 launch pad fire, January 28th is the anniversary of the Challenger, and February 1st is the anniversary of the Columbia disaster. NASA marks these anniversaries each January with a Day of Remembrance with today, January 26th, being the day for 2012. From a message from the President on the NASA Day of Remembrance website:

It is important to remember that pushing the boundaries of space requires great courage and has come with a steep price three times in our Nation’s history – for the crews of Apollo 1 and the space shuttles Challenger and Columbia. The loss of these pioneers is felt every day by their family, friends, and colleagues, but we take comfort in the knowledge that their spirit will continue to inspire us to new heights.

I encourage you to check out the website and look through the information about each disaster and remember those that made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of exploration.

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