Learn About Half Notes With GarageBand Music Theory

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Last week, we covered the idea of Note Duration and Whole Notes. This week we move onto Half Notes.

Half Notes are literally half the value of a Whole Note. A Whole Note is held for four beats, therefore a Half Note receives two beats.

The Half Note looks like a Whole Note with an added stem:

Let’s begin by selecting the Keyboard Instrument in the GarageBand App:

We’ll use the default Grand Piano sound for this lesson. Click the “Play” Button located at the top of the screen.

You should hear the metronome clicking away. Each one of those clicks is a beat. A half note will occupy 2 of those clicks.

Let’s play a simple half note melody using only the white keys. Touch the record button (the red circle located at the top of the screen). After the four click Count-In, choose a white key and hold it down for two clicks. Then move on to a different white key and hold that for two beats. Continue this process until you reach the end of the 8 measure grid located above the keyboard.

Finish by pressing the “Stop” button.

Now, press the play button to hear your genius, 8-measure half note melody!

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