Introducing the GeekDad Golden Bots Award

Geek Culture


Image by Nathan Barry

Last year when I made my Best Board Games list, I whipped up a non-SOPA-compliant Golden Meeple image, and named many of my awards after Oscars. And then this year I made my list in a hurry and just re-used the image again… but we really wanted to have something that was a uniquely GeekDad award, something that is recognizably ours that winners could use on their websites.

Thanks to GeekDad Nathan Barry (who suffered through several rounds of design-by-committee and back-seat driving), we now have our own award: the GeekDad Golden Bots! This award is retroactively awarded to our Best Board Games of the year (both 2010 and 2011) and the Best RPGs of 2011, and we’ll use it for future “best of the year” awards. It doesn’t replace our “GeekDad Approved” stamp that we give to high-quality items (when we remember to use it).

We hope that all of you winners will accept this award proudly!

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