Lay-Geek’s Guide to the Facebook Timeline Part 2: Exploring the Privacy Settings


One of the things Facebook is bragging about is improvements to their privacy settings. How improved are they, really?

Our super-dooper social media GeekMoms posed a question a couple weeks ago. “So how are you liking the Facebook Timeline? Got any questions you’d like us to tackle at GeekMom?

This single question generated so many responses, varying from "I LOVE LOVE LOVE the FEATURE feature!" to "I absolutely hate it…" four minutes later.

I didn’t show all the responses in this screen shot, but there were many. As you can see, they ranged from the first repsonder’s “LOVE IT!” to the second responder’s “I absolutely hate it…” Most of the responses were questions about the privacy settings. So on this post, I want to share what I’ve learned so far about the Privacy Settings.

Read the rest of Patricia Vollmer’s post and comment over at GeekMom. And also check out the Lay-Geek’s Guide to the Facebook Timeline Part 1: Journey to the Perfect Cover Photo.

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