NanoQ + Mimix Means All Your Quad-Copter Dogfighting Dreams Just Came True

Internet Kickstarter

Image by qfolabs.

As Kickstarter projects go, this one is pretty fun. The combination of next-generation R/C aircraft, control systems, and the hacker mentality makes the NanoQ + Mimix quadcopter something we can all drool over. The copters are USB chargeable, and their control code can be updated/altered by the user. Heck, you can add onto them to your heart’s content. Plus, they’re built for dogfighting (sadly, the KS rules now prevent them from selling a multi-pack, so if you want to explore aerial combat, you’ll have to purchase multiple sets). Check out the project video below, and then considering jumping on the quadcopter bandwagon (nicely mixed metaphor!) yourself.

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