Moments Women in Comics Are Awesome

Geek Culture

A page from the Catwoman series by Ed Brubaker and Darwyn Cooke, copyright DC Comics

Last week, I wrote a post for GeekMom about Women in Refrigerators: Thirteen Years Later about what’s changed for women on the page and behind the scenes in mainstream superhero comics. The post was part of an overall week of focusing on the issue sponsored by Women Write About Comics.

But the focus on WiR and some of the negative aspects of women in comics led Sue, the owner of the DCWomenKickingAss tumblr, to create a more positive spin focused on moments women love in comics.

The tumblr This is What Women in Superhero Comics Should Be already has four pages of entries in just a little over two days. Not only is it great to see positive moments but the ones being presented are more than just great for women, they’re great moments in comics.


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