Gloves for Gadget Geeks

Sporting my new Echo gloves. Photo: Amy Kraft

On a recent excursion to a little shop called Refinery in Brooklyn, I discovered these wonderful gloves from Echo Design. I was drawn to the colors and designs of the gloves, and especially to a cool little detail of contrasting yarn on some of the fingers. On closer inspection, I discovered that this little detail has a great function – these fingertips are touch screen compatible!

I immediately bought one pair as a gift and one pair for myself. I love them! They’re soft and stylish, and they work incredibly well on my iPhone. I may even retire my beloved ‘glittens’ (mittens that fold back to reveal fingerless gloves).

If you’re nowhere near Refinery, you can find these gloves for men, women, and kids in a variety of different materials at Echo’s online store. I also noticed that my local Muji store had similar gloves, though they’re sold out on Muji online.

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