10 Halloween Costumes to Hit You in the Feels

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We are one week out from Halloween, and if you’re still thinking about costumes then you need to strategize. This article really deserves a sub-heading: Costumes to Guarantee Extra Candy From Crying Geeks (On a Budget and Short Notice). Because we all know that’s the primary goal, right?

If you truly want to make the most of your Geek Parent status, you need to think beyond the standard costume. We’re talking fine detail. We’re talking characterization. We’re talking props. Trust me–the props bring the feels, like Moffat to a flame.

Each of the following suggestions stays true to the nature of Halloween–Everybody’s dead, Dave (well, kind of). There may be spoilers ahead, although all of these characters are at least 12 months old–you have been warned.

  1. Carl (from UP)

You’ve seen the cosplays of Old Man Carl, carrying balloons and his zimmer frame. Amateurs. Do the old man costume–suspenders; bow tie; talcum powder in the hair; glasses. And add a photo frame or scrapbook with Ellie’s picture poking out of the top. Whenever anyone looks at the costume, just glance down at the picture and sniff.

  1. Hiro (from Big Hero 6)

Now, the obvious choice would be the brother, Tadashi–but that might be a little obtuse. Instead, go for a simple version of Hiro (cargo pants, red t-shirt, blue cardigan) with props: A slightly deflated Baymax balloon. We all know he survives at the very end, but after the tearjerker with Tadashi… I just don’t think the candy-rich geeks could handle the feels from Baymax’s sacrifice *sniff*.

Photo by Evil Genius Mum
Photo by Evil Genius Mum

  1. Fred Weasley (from Harry Potter)

Any gingers out there? Rough your hair up and wear an old Christmas jumper. Add a big ‘R’ on the front, and a great big scorch mark. A broken wand might be a nice addition.

  1. Agent Coulson (from Avengers)

There is a great cosplay suggestion floating around Facebook: Dress in a suit and approach various super-heroes, asking them if they have heard of the Avengers Initiative. But this is Halloween. We need a touch of Death. Take some cardboard or papier-mache (whatever works for you) and create a beautiful scepter with a bright blue sphere at the top, and then jam it in your chest.

  1. Tenth Doctor (from Doctor Who)

Do your spawnlings happen to have a pair of Converse, a long jacket, and a great head of hair? Pick-up a single rose. Add some other props if you have them: sonic screwdriver, 3D glasses. Facebook will collapse with your photos. And to really twist the knife, brush your shoes with a bit of beach sand.

Photo by Evil Genius Mum
Photo by Evil Genius Mum
  1. Princess Yue (from Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Princess Yue is the beautiful heroine of the North, who sacrifices herself to the Moon to save the rest of the village. This can be a bit tricky, but it will satisfy any princesses you have in the family. You’ll need a long blue jacket with a long white skirt, blonde hair, and a silver moon hanging over your head.

  1. Photo by Evil Genius Mum
    Photo by Evil Genius Mum

    Rocket (from Guardians of the Galaxy)

My personal favorite for the mini-spawnlings. The cute little wood-animal outfit, with a little vest. So very cute. Just one more prop needed–a stick. On the side of the stick write “I was Groot.” Because that’s all that is left of him.

  1. Stoic the Vast (from How To Train Your Dragon)

This is a good one for parents of any Dragon/Hiccup fans. Viking hats are pretty easy to make, and a bit of colored wool around the face will work well with pillows stuffed under an old brown jacket. Make sure it is an old jacket, so you won’t mind adding a scorch mark on your belly and back. Bonus points for pale make-up to add that dead look.

  1. Rue (from Hunger Games)

The Hunger Games offer a plethora of choice when it comes to dead characters. However, none of them will crush your heart compared to Rue. Sweet little Rue. Again, a small risk of being missed by most–but wear a Mockingjay-like pin, some flowers in the hair, and have a big spear sticking out of your spawnling’s chest. A few will recognize the pain. Once they do the 3-finger salute, you’ll be asking for a chauffeur to bring home your loot.

Spoiler: If Rue is too ambiguous for you, try dressing your spawnling as Primrose (Katniss’ sister). Blonde braids, white short-sleeve blouse, green skirt, and a Mockingjay pin. With the final movie coming out, you will be able to pick the book fans from the movie geeks fairly easily. (“What? … NOOOOO!!”)

  1. Wash (from Serenity)

The number one Cosplay with Feels for Halloween will surely go to Wash from Serenity. Nothing lights up the internet like a brief mention on the vulnerability of Firefly. This cosplay is fairly easy too–Hawaiian shirt (or some equally loud attire), brown pants, carrying a couple of toy dinosaurs… oh yeah, and the big shaft sticking out of your chest. That ought to do it.

Photo by Evil Genius Mum
Photo by Evil Genius Mum

It’s all about the props. The best cosplay isn’t just the costume. It’s how you tell the story about your character. A good prop can be simple enough to carry, but connected to the character in such a way, you instantly relive that scene from the story. And the more emotional you make that story, the more candy you will be hiding from your spawnlings–right up to Thanksgiving.

Note: All moustaches have been added by Evil Genius Mum as a prop to protect identity. They are only spawnlings. Not quite evil genius enough.

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  1. You’re right! Excellent Hiro!! Can you dress up his older brother Tadashi (but with undead make-up) and just follow around behind him? That would also do the trick… 😉

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