FGTV Visits Kinect’s Disneyland Adventures

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With so many different dance games available on the various consoles it can be hard to pick the right one for your family. This week on Family Gamer TV, Vanessa casts a mom’s eye over Dance Central 2, having previously warmed to Just Dance 3.

As we spend time talking about Disneyland Adventures, an interesting point is raised about finding games that can not only be played with the kids but that they can also play on their own. “Independent play”, as Vanessa puts it, is an important part of young gamers feeling as though the experience is one they can earn.

Once you have cracked playing games together, so that the whole family can take part from the youngest to the oldest, this is an inevitable next step. Part of the mix of games in the family needs to be both group and individual play.

We talk about which games work best in this respect and discover that for Vanessa’s family it’s Kinectimals that lets the kids use Kinect without too much parental supervision. I go on to suggest that some of the new Kinect games like Disneyland Adventures and Fruit Ninja also work well with the family together or kids playing on their own.

After our previous outline about the Parental, Online and Family settings on the Xbox 360, we respond to some questions about how to actually setup Xbox Live. While this is quite a straight forward process, a bit of preparation beforehand will mean that you can avoid getting stuck at certain points. It actually took me quite a while to realize I had to have a Windows Live ID, in one form or another, before I could sign up.

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