Family Gamer TV Goes Hands-Free on Forza 4

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It can be fascinating to see the different ways people connect to games, especially the first time they encounter them. This is what keeps Family Gamer TV motivated to follow our different families as they start playing new consoles and games.

This week Tobi and his family put Forza 4 through its paces and discovered hands free driving is the way forward for them. I tried in vain to tempt them away with some Mario Kart 7, before we got into the new sports in Kinect Sports Season 2.

Kinect is the first game controller he and his family have used, so they had no desire to reach for a control pad or steering wheel to control the driving in Forza 4. Unlike more seasoned gamers they simply expected it to work with Kinect, which I was happy to see that by and large it did.

Because Kinect doesn’t control acceleration or breaking in Forza 4 (the game does this for you automatically) this also means that it lowers the barrier to entry for very young players. One of his daughters suggested that it could have included some voice controlled speed, e.g. “Xbox brake” or maybe “Xbox go faster.” It reminded me of watching Inspector Gadget as a child and pretending I had a gadget car of my own — “Go go gadget steering.”

After recording we spent a bit of time online looking at the different Xbox 360 controllers they could get if they wanted to move into more controller based experiences. I had forgotten just how many options there were for Xbox 360 pads, and suggested the Play and Charge wireless version was probably the best one for families with smaller children — fewer cables for them to trip over.

Next time on Family Gamer TV I talk to Tobi about how he has started using other devices, like his iPad and Windows Phone 7, to play games on.

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