Turn on the Light: February

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So, if your social feeds are anything like mine, they’ve become All Politics, All the Time. There’s a reason for this, but we all have our breaking points. With that in mind, I really want to do something to highlight positive, happy news.

In the spirit of our year-end recap of news that made us happy, this is the first post of what will hopefully be a regular column recapping news that makes us happy (and will hopefully bring a smile to your face, too). Not political at all. I’d like to commit to making it weekly, but I’m also realistic.

The stories won’t necessarily all be geeky, but they are stories that make us smile and feel good. We’ll see how this goes.

To start things off, it doesn’t get much cuter than this video of Idris Elba getting dating advice from a bunch of kids:

Charlotte, NC, 5th grade teacher Barry White shows us how powerful awesome teachers can be:

The Black Joy Project brings a smile to everyone’s face:

 This story about a Boston Marathon survivor who is about to marry the firefighter who saved her life.

This adorable story of a monkey in India that adopted a stray dog:

And finally, it doesn’t matter who you rooted for during the Super Bowl. We can all agree that the Puppy Bowl is the hands-down winner:

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