“Boldly Go” to the St. Louis Science Center

Geek Culture

Photo Credit: Kelly Knox

I love science centers. Not only are they a fantastic resource for our kiddo to discover more about science and the world, I’ve also had great experiences with the exhibitions that come to visit for a short time. Our local science center, the Pacific Science Center, hosted both Star Wars and Harry Potter exhibits this past year. Geek heaven!

We were in St. Louis recently to visit family, and while we were there we had the opportunity to stop by the St. Louis Science Center. My jaw dropped when I saw their current exhibit: Star Trek: The Exhibition. The science center is presently housing costumes, props, and models from all films and series, as well as hosting special contests, programs, and lecture series related to the exhibit.

I am the biggest Star Trek fan in my family, so I tried to hide my excitement, but they all saw right through me. They offered to babysit our toddler and show her around the science center while I walked through the Star Trek halls. I dashed off to the ticket counter faster than they could say “tribble.”

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