Vapor Pro Black Ops: The Best Looking iPhone Case You’ll Find

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Phone cases are omnipresent, especially on iPhones. These cases are like a car’s floor mats – a last minute add-on that should be included with your purchase, but never is. Fortunately, there are thousands to choose from, offered in a spinning beach ball’s worth of colors and even more patterns, textures, and materials. Cases are just one of the ways we express our individuality … while all carrying around the same phone.

There are some fantastic cases out there, but one of my new favorites is the Vapor Pro Black Ops case from Element Case. This is an iPhone case that is so special that the case arrives inside another case inside a box. The frame is machined from aircraft grade aluminum, making a case that’s not only very strong, but also extraordinarily light – 0.6 ounces according to my digital kitchen scale. The aluminum, finished in matte black, offers excellent drop protection, while adding almost no noticeable size or weight. The frame is completed with a polymer insert to prevent signal loss due to “death gripping” the phone.

The Vapor Pro Black Ops is rounded out with Ultrasuede panels that adhere to the back and earpiece of the phone, a material that is surprisingly luxurious. Also included is the Transit Kit, which includes the padded travel case, mentioned earlier, an anti-glare display protector and a wrench for installing and uninstalling the frame. Fully assembled, the case is absolutely gorgeous.

Protecting both the iPhone 4 and 4S, the Vapor Pro Black Ops retails for $150, which is a lot more than a simple rubber case you can find, well, just about anywhere. But that’s the point – the Black Ops is a case for people who want to stand out from a sea of basic phone cases. And while the price for this case may seem extravagant, consider that the retail price on a 64GB iPhone 4S is $850 — makes the Black Ops seem downright affordable.

Disclosure: GeekDad received a review sample of this item.

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