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Prolific game designer and master of Kickstarter, Daniel Solis, is at it again with his latest project: Writer’s Dice.

It’s a simple enough idea: a six-sided die with words imprinted on the sides. Toss the dice and get a word: BUT, SO, AND, AS, OR, IF.

You may have seen the video where South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone crash a college writing class and talk about breaking the plot for their show. Specifically, the lameness of stories where the only thing stringing together plot points is the word “then.”

Writer’s Dice are a fun way to randomize story creation and steer clear from “thens.” I’ve played around with some of the prototypes, and they’re really nice. The red acrylic cubes are a little larger than normal six-siders, with the words etched in white, and they even have standard pips, so you can use them as normal dice if you want.

Writer's DiceWriter's Dice

Photo: Daniel Solis

If you buy four dice or more, Daniel’s throwing in his Pop n’ Locke’s Last Heist. This is a fun storytelling game which uses the Writer’s Dice to create plot beats in a zany yarn about an octogenarian’s final heist.

You’ve got a little more than a day left to back Writer’s Dice on Kickstarter, so get to it! As Daniel mentions, they’re great gifts for writers, creatives, and gamers alike.

Writer’s Dice Kickstarter Page
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