John Scalzi: Lord of the Tweets


Clash of the Geeks art by Jeff ZugaleClash of the Geeks art by Jeff Zugale

John Scalzi as an orc in Jeff Zugale's Clash of the Geeks cover art.

Watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy has become a holiday tradition in our home, so we spent part of Thanksgiving weekend enjoying The Fellowship of the Ring.

Writer and geeky dad John Scalzi went a bit further, immersing himself in an Encore television marathon of the trilogy and Tweeting All the Way in a fun mix of snark as delivered by someone who’s a fan of the movies, geek crossover references, and other observations. Examples:

  • Orcs vs. Stormtroopers. GO. On second thought, never mind. Neither side aims well enough for it to be interesting.
  • Now Aragorn is trying to cheer up the boy who has been chosen for the Hunger Games.
  • Dear sound effects people: The Wilhelm Scream is the Rickroll of your industry. Time to retire it.
  • It’s nice that in Middle Earth you can become Steward of Gondor without ever learning to chew with your mouth closed.

If you’re a fan of Scalzi’s brand of humor, he’s conveniently packaged most of the 125+ Tweets in an entry on his blog, Whatever.

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