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Booklife Cover supplied by Tachyon Publications.Booklife Cover supplied by Tachyon Publications.

Booklife Cover supplied by Tachyon Publications.

Just a quick note to let you know that Jeff VanderMeer’s highly recommended writer’s guide, Booklife: Strategies And Survival Tips For The 21st-Century Writer, is now shipping. VanderMeer is well known to Geekdad readers; in fact, yours truly is quoted on the book’s back cover and the role of GeekDad’s coverage in the success of his novelette The Situation is outlined in detail (starting on page 122, if you have a copy handy).

If you’re at all interested in writing, especially an eventual career in writing (which nowadays requires considerable skill in self-management and strategic use of promotional tools), Booklife should be on your bookshelf. Jeff sent me a PDF review copy and after reading it through, I immediately placed my pre-order and received the dead tree version last week. VanderMeer has a website up to complement the book and you can check that out if you’d like a better idea about his approach. Cory Doctorow also has an interesting overview up on Boing Boing. As a final word, this guy is always so busy that any time we write about him it seems to be for multiple items and this time’s no exception. His latest novel Finch, the third in the Ambergris series, has also just been released and he’s touring to promote both books.

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