Chop Their Heads Off, Take Their Stuff as Axe Cop Meets Munchkin

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Talk about meteoric rises. In less than 18 months, brothers Malachai and Ethan Nicolle went from having an idea about an axe-wielding cop who hunts down bad guys to becoming a worldwide webcomic hit that would be celebrated in its own version of the geek-favorite game, Munchkin. And now that the game’s out, we thought we’d take a look.

The Axe Cop version of Munchkin, the first licensed property in the series, plays like other varieties of the game (if you’re unfamiliar with the rules, check them out here) and, like the others, can be combined with other sets for enhanced wackiness. Maybe it’s because Axe Cop is written by a kid or the comic is the perfect intersection of goofiness and violence, but Munchkin Axe Cop works. Really well. The best evidence of this is, as they say, in the cards.

Most of the main characters are here, including Wexter, Sockarang, Best Fairy Ever, Uni-Baby and Dr. Stinky Head. (You are stinky! No one will help you in your next combat.) Plus, there are lots of the unique and hilarious props and quirky items that make the Axe Cop comic so much fun to read: duck, flute, a truck of ninjas, and the ever-present weapon store.

So if you’re an Axe Cop fan, a Munchkin player, or you just enjoy really funny games, check out Munchkin Axe Cop – they make an unstoppable team.

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