Middle-Earth Is Pro-Recycling


“I wish the bottle had never come to me…”

“A plastic type-1 bottle to rule them all. It must be destroyed. Go to Mount Dump and dispose of it…”


Yes, another spoof trailer, but this one’s a hoot — and has impressive production values for a mere comedy sketch. The folks at Megasteakman have once again grasped the comedy gold ring with Lord of Recycling – LOTR Parody, their way of showing why recycling plastic bottles is so important.

According to the EPA, “recycling rate for different types of plastic varies greatly, resulting in an overall plastics recycling rate of only 7 percent, or 2.1 million tons in 2009.” The rate for some plastics is higher; in 2009, 28 percent of PET bottles and jars and 29 percent of HDPE bottles were recycled. But overall, the plastics rate lags far behind newspaper (about 80%) and corrugated fiberboard (about 70%).

Remember trust the elves: “The bottle cannot be destroyed,” says the Elrond-like character. “It’s plastic. It will endure in our realm for centuries…”

Whether talking about Middle-earth or Mother Earth, elves know what biodegrades and what does not. After all, they are, like plastic bottles, immortal.

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