Review: G-Form Extreme Sleeve Coolly Protects

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Lately I’ve been using the G-Form Extreme Sleeve laptop case that I received as a sample. I admit I was interested mainly because of the case’s cool appearance: The exterior looks tough, covered in rubber plates giving it a unique “Death Star” style that is likely to polarize viewers on whether it’s cool or too much — I’m firmly in the former camp! Whereas my wife hated and refuses to use it. (But then, she doesn’t like my Voltron skin either, so go figure.)

Having received the case, I tried it out. It fit perfectly for my MacBook Pro, but I wondered whether a thicker laptop would be compatible. The site claims that the flexible nature of the sleeve permits multiple thicknesses of lappy, but it’s hard to believe that some 1″ clunker could be squeezed in.

As far as the protection the rubber plates offer, it’s hard for me to gauge since I haven’t actually dropped my laptop, and have no intention of doing so. G-Form’s technology page describes the stuff that makes up the case:

Our athletic and consumer electronic products utilize RPT™ – Reactive Protection Technology. RPT™ is a composite blend of PORON®XRD™ material and proprietary G-Form materials and technology that instantly stiffens upon impact and absorbs over 90% of the energy, offering state-of-the-art impact protection in a lightweight, flexible form.

It’s difficult to assess whether that’s all marketing nonsense, but the fact that G-Form also makes protective knee and elbow pads out of the same stuff speaks volumes about the company’s confidence in their tech.

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