Talespinning by David J Howe: Who, Horror and More

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Talespinning Cover © Telos PublishingTalespinning Cover © Telos Publishing

Talespinning Cover © Telos Publishing

I love short story collections. When I’m struggling to find the motivation to sit down and read, which has unfortunately been my situation lately, the promise of being able to sit down and finish a story in one short session is often enough to convince me to pick up a book. I also find them a great introduction to a new author. Last year I picked up around a dozen Asimovs for $1 (in total – bargain of the century) at a car-boot sale in my village and I migrated straight for the short story collection to give me the flavor of his style without plowing headlong into a full length novel; I had done the same with Neil Gaiman in the past. This is what drew me in to a short story collection by David J Howe, the renowned Doctor Who expert and Chair of the British Fantasy Society. Published today, Talespinning comprises all of David’s horror fiction from the past thirty years alongside several pieces inspired by the Doctor himself. The shortest pieces are Doctor Who drabbles – stories of exactly 100 words in length – making sure this book definitely has something for you even if you only have a minute or two to spare.
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