Nursery Rhyme Comics Knocks My Socks Off

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I got my first glimpse of First Second’s new Nursery Rhyme Comics at Comic-Con this summer. Several of its contributors attended a gathering for children’s book writers and artists, and they had a hot-off-the-presses advance copy of the book to pass around. For me, it was love at first page-turn.

Comics creator and editor Chris Duffy was the guiding hand behind this absolute gem of a book. He got an incredible assortment of artists—including every member of the awesome Teen Comics Workshop I attended at SDCC—to contribute drawings to this gorgeous hardcover collection of Mother Goose rhymes. Each poem is its own little one- or two-page comic strip. The format is genius. In the hands of some of the finest illustrators in the business—people like Gene Luen Yang, Raina Telgemeier, David Macauley, Dave Roman, and living legend Jules Feiffer, for Pete’s sake!—the familiar rhymes take on a dynamic new life. I was, frankly, enchanted. There I was at this once-a-year shindig with my kidlit pals, sitting at a table with my nose in a book.

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