GeekDad Review: SteelSeries Spectrum 7xb Wireless Headset


My guilty pleasure is the combat first-person shooter. On a hi-definition television, with a good set of headphones, it is about as close to virtual reality we can achieve so far. Until a couple of weeks ago, I had only ever used the freebie headset that came with my Xbox 360. I never understood why many gamers would shell out big bucks for a nice headset. The Xbox 360 Time-Life operator headset let you talk to your teammates on Xbox LIVE and hear what they had to say back – mission accomplished. Then I picked up SteelSeries Spectrum 7xb Wireless Headset and now it is an entirely different game.

The SteelSeries Spectrum 7xb wireless headset is an amazing piece of hardware. The wireless transmitter hooks up to the television stereo outputs (with pass-thru) and plugs into the Xbox 360′s USB port. This allows not only for great gaming, but it can also be used for great television watching! I do not know if they are technically “noise canceling”, but I could not hear anything else when wearing them even at a moderate volume. Disclaimer: this can be a little awkward at first in online gaming, because you cannot hear yourself talking…

The headset has many technical features, however my favorite is the retractable mic system. I know, I know, I am easy to amuse. The Spectrum 7xb also has features like interchangeable earcups, a 4 piece travel-friendly breakdown, and features Exact SND (Sound) and LiveMix buttons. Exact SND allows you to switch between 3 settings that have been preconfigured for three very different uses.

Performance: for directional sounds footsteps and gunfire
Immersion: for optimized environmental sound and game music
Entertainment: for increased bass levels and environmental sound when watching movies

LiveMix allows you to hear everything that matters in team-based games; you simply click one button to activate this feature. The headset will balance the levels between Xbox LIVE chat and in-game audio on-the-fly, as the game develops around you, making it easier than ever before for you to hear your teammates.

The Bottom Line: For the amount of time a typical gamer plays, you might as well invest in a good headset. The SteelSeries Spectrum 7xb headset can be used wireless on Xbox 360, on the PC, and just watching television. It offers the features that are going to take the wearer to another level where sound can be appreciated. Check them out at

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