Family Gamer TV Tackles the PS3

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Family Gamer TV is the bi-weekly GeekDad video show that talks video-games from a family perspective. This is the third episode in the show that tracks the gaming journey of new and experienced families.

Having been on something of a roll with the 360, we changed things up this week for our family gamers and set them to work on a PS3. This week we get the families playing Motorstorm Pacific Rift, Gran Turismo, F1 2011, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus HD all topped off with some 3DS goodness in the form of Starfox 64.

We find again that it’s not just the casual games that work well with out families, and that some of these hardcore experiences are actually a good fit. Whether it’s Motorstorm’s four player split-screen, Gran Turismo’s realistic racing, Ico’s exploration or Starfox’s shooting we found something for each family member.

Our Family Gaming Surgery question this week is “How do I read a videogame box?” Although this can sounds like a silly question, there is actually a lot of technical information to decipher on the front and back of each videogame box.

  • Ratings: This is a rating of how mature the content is in the game, it is not (as is easy to think) a rating of how old you need to be to enjoy the game.
  • 360: Green text specifies the local game-play features, Orange text specifies the online features and Purple text specified the Kinect features.
  • PS3: A box on the back specified the features and which controllers you need to play it.
  • Wii: The front specifies whether it is MotionPlus compatible and the back specified the controllers supported and how many people can play it.
  • DS: The boxes on the back specify how you can play the game with other people and whether its single cart or multi cart multi-player. Single cart multi-player is better as multiple people can play together with one copy of the game.
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