5 Year-Old’s Star Wars Lego Stop-Motion Movie is Awesome, Full of “Pew-Pew” (GeekDad Weekly Rewind)


It isn’t the most beautiful. It isn’t the greatest narrative. It is “Gabe’s Star Wars Movie.” But, every five-year-old should be allowed to create their own LEGO Star Wars stop motion animation. Why?

So we get more classic lines like, “Ooohhh, I wonder when the bad guys are coming…”

Whoever you are, Gabe, thanks – for reminding me and the GeekDad readers of just how important it was to know when the baddies were coming and how we’d deal with them when we were five years old.

[This article, by Daniel Donahoo, was originally published on Thursday. Please leave any comments you may have on the original.]

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