Vote for GeekDad in Parents Magazine’s Best Blog Awards


Parents Magazine’s website is currently hosting its annual Best Blog awards. This year both GeekDad and our companion site, GeekMom, have been nominated for awards. GeekDad has been nominated for the Best Daddy Blog award. GeekMom is up for the Best Mom Tech Blog.

All of the writers at GeekDad are excited and honored by the nomination – our work here is aimed directly at all the Geek Dads (and Moms) who are roaming the internet and it is nice to be recognized for those efforts. In addition, increased recognition makes it easier for us to reach more readers like yourselves. If you enjoy our blog and the topics we cover, we would ask you to consider voting for us. Your support is greatly appreciated.

You can vote for GeekDad here.

You can vote for GeekMom here.

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