Two Apps to Enhance Discovery’s Shark Week


I hope everyone is having a great Shark Week on the Discovery Channel! If your family is enjoying Shark Week and you happen to have an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch here are a couple of apps I have discovered that can help enhance your experience – Shark Week Live and Ultimate Sharks.

Shark Week Live
The Shark Week Live App is offered complimentary by Discovery. The free app, available as an update within the Discovery Channel App for iPad and on iPhone and iPod touch, features behind-the-scenes information, incredible shark facts, quizzes and polls, and photos – including user-generated submissions from this year’s Shark Week Photo Frenzy. If you lack any of Apple’s products, viewers can also experience Shark Week Live from their computers at

Shark Week Live content is synched in real-time to Discovery Channel’s primetime Shark Week line-up which started July 31 at 8pm ET/PT, delivering 17 hours of entertainment only available with live viewing. The app also features social media streams from Facebook and Twitter so that fans can follow what others are saying and join the conversation – all without leaving the app.

Ultimate Sharks
The Ultimate Sharks App, also produced by Discovery, takes users into the predatory world of sharks through an immersive multimedia experience. Designed specifically for the iPad and hosted by Discovery Channel’s Mike Rowe, the app provides insight into the science of shark behavior – as well as true stories of shark attacks. Complete with one-of-a-kind stunning interactive graphics, maps and data, the app is an all-encompassing guide to sharks.

Multimedia features include:

  • 10 Deadliest Sharks: Packed with robust content about the most fearsome and misunderstood shark species, including great white, hammerhead, tiger and other sharks
  • 3D Interactive Sharks: Control sharks with your fingertips – make them swim, hunt and attack prey
  • Engaging Videos: More than three hours of custom videos produced from Discovery’s legendary library
  • Airplay Integration: Share your favorite videos with friends and family on the big screen
  • Attack Stories: Unbelievable tales of human encounters with sharks
  • Deep-Dive Content: Over 75 screens of content, expertly written text and narrative, interactive maps and infographics
  • Breathtaking Photography: Over 250 high-resolution photos from some of the world’s most celebrated wildlife photographers

The Ultimate Sharks App is available for download from the App Store on iPad for a special Shark Week introductory price of $4.99.

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