Review: Victorinox Swiss Army Slim Flash Drive

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PR Image provided by Victorinox.

Victorinox was kind enough to send me a 4GB version of their slim flash drive for review. My first impressions were good. The case is plastic, though solid, and it’s held up much better than the all metal LaCie key I had been carrying.

The drive comes loaded with an encryption program. I gave it a quick test on my Windows 7 Virtual Box and it works well enough, but isn’t cross platform, so I ditched it in favor of TrueCrypt.

The drive comes in in an array of colors, and capacities from 4 to 64GB. There is even a two drive version called the Duo for a max capacity of 128GB. Prices are about two to four times what a cheap thumb drive would cost, but comparable to other waterproof and shock resistant drives.

If it were my money I’d take my chances with a cheap drive, but this one looks great and fits on my keyring better than others I’ve used.

The 16GB Victorinox Slim is available at Amazon for $89. Prices vary for other models.

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