PAX Prime 2011 Through a Boardgamer’s Eyes


Good Old Games boothGood Old Games booth

Good Old Games had the best booth babes.

GameChurch bannerGameChurch banner

GameChurch: apparently Jesus rocks the Xbox.

Of course as you walk around the booths, you’ll see a lot of people wearing fancy costumes trying to get you to check out their wares. PAX actually frowns on the idea of “booth babes” — we saw a bunch of women wearing short NO5 dresses getting escorted out of the hall Friday morning — but people dressed up as the video game characters are apparently okay.

But by far the best booth babes of the show were from Good Old Games, a site that lets you play all those old-school PC games you played in high school. Well, at least if you have a PC. Their booth was decorated to look like an old fashioned living room, with drapes and some easy chairs, and they had some nice motherly-looking women at the booth handing out hot chocolate chip cookies. Sweeeeet.

Tucked away on the 6th floor I came across, some folks who were there to tell gamers that Jesus loves them and handing out copies of Jesus, For The Win! From their banner, it seems apparent that Jesus favors the Xbox. This might come as a surprise for Apple fans.

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