PAX Prime 2011 Through a Boardgamer’s Eyes


Finally, I wanted to mention a couple other games that I saw but for whatever reason didn’t manage to get photos. Some of these I’ll be able to check out later on and you’ll see full reviews.

Sentinels of the Multiverse by Greater Than GamesSentinels of the Multiverse by Greater Than Games

Sentinels of the Multiverse by Greater Than Games

Sentinels of the Multiverse is a cooperative card game set in a comic book universe — you and your teammates each play a hero and battle a villain. The game is by a small company (just three guys) and they had a strong focus on making a game that really encourages teamwork and works for kids. I haven’t played it yet, but I’m really excited about it and am looking forward to it. A fun bit of trivia: two of these guys grew up playing games at Tabletop Game and Hobby, Dave Banks’ favorite game store in Kansas City (and one that I’ve patronized several times on trips there).

Pajaggle was back again this year, and again I usually saw their table filled with people playing, trying to beat their best time. Bill Witt told me that they’ve got a new board coming soon that has some improvements, plus some changes with two new strategy games. More on those later.

Bears! by Fireside GamesBears! by Fireside Games

Bears! by Fireside Games

I got to meet Justin de Witt from Fireside Games, who designed Castle Panic. He was working at the Steve Jackson Games booth and then showing off his own games on the side. Along with the really fantastic Castle Panic, he’s got a new, silly dice game called Bears! that is a lot of fun. And he mentioned that there’s an expansion for Castle Panic coming soon that introduces some new, more powerful cards for the players, as well as some new, more dangerous monsters.

Ninja from AEGNinja from AEGAEG had their Thunderstone line-up and the Legend of the Five Rings games. Although I haven’t played the L5R series at all yet (I’m not much of a CCG player), I was really impressed with the packaging of their Forgotten Legacy set. Yeah, it’s expensive and it’s probably not something I’m going to buy because it’s not my type of game, but if you play L5R and you want to buy this big set, you’ll be very happy with it. They also have Ninja, a board game set in the L5R universe that looks more my speed.

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