PAX Prime 2011 Through a Boardgamer’s Eyes


Plants vs. Zombies dancersPlants vs. Zombies dancers

Plants vs. Zombies went all out with some dancing zombies.

Plants vs. Zombies were in full force at PAX this year. At least the zombies were. Last year I did see some folks dressed up as the plants, but this year we had a lot of crazy zombies walking around PAX, including this group doing a whole dance number outside the convention center.


The Denmead family contemplates next moves in Catacombs.

One of the best things about PAX is the chance to actually play games with the other GeekDads. Since we’re spread out all over the country (and the world), it’s a rare chance to share some of our favorite games with each other and try out new ones. I brought Catacombs with me and got to play a couple times over the weekend. In this game, our fearless leader Ken Denmead played as the Overseer with all the monsters and bad guys, and I teamed up with the rest of the Denmead clan. It seems that Ken’s billiards skills serve him pretty well in Catacombs, too, and he defeated us pretty handily.

By the way, if you read my review of Catacombs and have been waiting for the second printing to arrive, it’s finally here! You can check with your local game store or find it online.

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