“OK Go and the Muppets? That Sounds Pretty Exciting!”


I don’t really need to say much more than that (quote from Waldorf), do I?

The Green Album, ©DisneyThe Green Album, ©Disney

The Green Album, ©Disney

Internet video darlings meet crazy fluffy puppets and take the mickey out of themselves and each other in the process in the first video from the new Muppets album, called ‘The Green Album‘ [Amazon, iTunesiconicon].

The Album opens with OK Go’s version of the main theme song (without the ‘interference’ from the Muppets themselves) and the rest of it is made up of all your favourite Muppets tunes (including Rainbow Connection, Mahna, Mahna, and Movin’ Right Along), reinterpreted by some of today’s artists like Weezer and The Fray. I must confess to not actually having heard of many of them – maybe I’m just not down with the kids anymore, or maybe they’re more US-based acts?
Whatever… I liked the video anyway!

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