GeekDad Gets Some Good Press (Release)

Reading Time: 1 minute


The success of GeekDad has come from community, from pointing out all the cool geeks around us so we can all revel in what we love. Back when we posted a silly little story called “100 Geeks You Should Be Following On Twittter,” we had no idea what kind of impact it would have, what ripples would flow out of it into the geek community. One of the great results of that post has been the rise of Geek Girl Diva – the voice of the geeky merchandise site Entertainment Earth on Twitter and the blog world. And just the other day, they even saw fit to recognize that success – to codify it in the language of the business world – by talking about it in a sacred text: a Press Release. Yes, it’s PR. Yes, it’s a self-serving business tool. But somebody at EE decided it was a valuable business decision to announce to the world that GeekDad had said something, and that’s enough to make us quote Dr. Who and say “fantastic!”

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