The Guild + Nathan Fillion = Geek Nirvana


It’s not as though The Guild needed any help being one of the best sources of geeky entertainment available right now. Now in its fifth season, geek icon Felicia Day’s brainchild web series, about a group of online gamers who meet and interact in real life, is one of the very few true success stories in its medium. The series has had plenty of guest stars before, including GeekDad favorite Wil Wheaton in a great long-term recurring role, but today’s new episode breaks new ground in geeky awesomeness.

The new episode, the sixth of Season 5, is called “Revolving Doors,” and features several awesome guest appearances. It would be cool enough if they just had Doug Jones — best known as Abe Sapien in the Hellboy movies and as the Silver Surfer in the largely-forgettable Fantastic Four sequel — in a role as a steampunker at the convention (Megagame-O-Ramacon, where Season 5 takes place). It would be cooler still that Maurissa Tancharoen, writer for several TV shows and co-writer of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, which propelled Day to geek stardom, plays Jones’s fellow steampunker. But the episode achieves dizzying heights of geekiness by featuring an appearance by Captain Tightpants (and of course Day’s Dr. Horrible co-star) himself, Nathan Fillion.

Yes, Fillion, who hardly needs to do anything else to cement his standing as one of the most prominent geek icons alive but never seems to let that stop him, makes an appearance in the episode as well — as, according to the press release about the episode, “a big star seeking advice” who crosses paths with Vork, as you can see in the photo above.

As with all of The Guild‘s recent episodes, the new one is available now, and exclusively until 12:01AM Pacific Time Thursday, on Xbox Live and Zune marketplace. Starting at 12:01AM PT Thursday, it will be available on MSN and Bing, and we will also put in an embed of it below, so you can save yourself the trouble of looking for it and just bookmark this article and come back to it after that time.

Incidentally, and irrelevant to this episode in particular, we at GeekDad are pretty excited about the recently-announced news that next spring will see a booster pack for Steve Jackson Games’ Munchkin based on The Guild, illustrated by “Geek-a-Week” artist Len Peralta.

Video: Season 5 – Episode 6 – Revolving Doors

Photo copyright by, and courtesy of, The Guild.

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