Iron GM at Gen Con


Not sure if there’s any tickets left so close to the con, but Gen Con, the “original, longest running, best attended, gaming convention in the world” will be hosting Iron GM, a gamemaster’s competition in the vein of Iron Chef.

You’ve put a lot into going to Gen Con. You deserve an event that’s worth your time and money, and a game that will blow your socks off. Well the Iron GM World Championship makes Gamemasters fight each other to give it to you! What’s more, Iron GM just hands you prizes for showing up, a stack of gaming’s finest products worth 10 times your entry ticket! How is this even possible, you ask? Unholy pacts! What else?

At the World Championship, GMs get three secret elements, and they whip up an adventure on the spot. You play it. You judge it. Twenty GMs fighting tooth and nail to give their tables the greatest adventure ever.

Take that huge prize chest, add gorgeous models, a soundtrack, a light show, fly in the convention circuit’s hottest competitors, and put YOU
in the judge’s seat to determine the world’s top Gamemaster – that’s the Iron GM World Championship at Gen Con. Don’t miss it!

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