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I have an odd-shaped head and funny-shaped ears. This doesn’t usually cause me too many problems in the technology sphere, apart from headphones of course.

Being a runner, I’m always on the lookout for in-ear headphones I can use when I’m running. Although my wife seems to be able to use the default Apple ear-buds without a problem, anything but the snuggest of fit simply falls out for me.

Radiopaq FlexRadiopaq Flex

Radiopaq Flex

The last few weeks I’ve been giving the Radiopaq Sports Flex headphones out and I think I may have found my answer. Firstly they have a soft plastic extension that fits round the back of your ears to avoid the cable pulling on the headphone buds themselves. They also have an extension cable that can be adjusted to just he right length to suite the position of your iPod. Finally they have a skip and pause button built into the cable.

Now, these things alone aren’t all that revolutionary I know. However, combine these with the sensible choice of materials used and build quality and you have a nice solution to taking music with you while you run. Even my strange shaped ears seem to have met their match, with the Flex headphones staying in place for the majority of my 10K runs.

Radiopaq DuoRadiopaq Duo

Radiopaq Duo

Keen to follow up this success I have also been giving the Radiopaq Duo street headphones a try. These are essentially a more portable version of the sort of headset you might wear at home to listen to music. Other street headphones I’ve tried have been much to tight to be comfortable for long periods (my big head strikes again), but the Duo has enough adjust-ability built in to accommodate even me.

Perhaps the bottom line with both these headphones is deliver great sound. I know that is the primary concern for an audiophile product. But for me, I’m just happy to find something that lets me join the rest of the world taking their music out and about.

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