Gear Up With Click’s Comic-Con Survival Guide


Click Comic-Con Survival GuideClick Comic-Con Survival GuideIf you’re headed to Comic-Con this year, by the time you see this post you’ll already be standing in line for Hall H waiting to see something completely awesome. But while you’re waiting out there with hundreds of your closest friends, here’s a little reading material to help you plan the weekend.

Click Communications put together this handy little Comic-Con Survival Guide, available for free download as a PDF from their website. It doesn’t list everything you’ll find at SDCC (and you’ll want to hang onto your official map of the exhibit hall so you don’t get lost) but it has a pretty good list of highlights, particularly a lot of the movies that will be coming out this year with short, easy-to-scan blurbs. (Unfortunately, they don’t cross reference these with the time and location where you’ll be able to catch them, but you’re pretty smart – you can figure that out.)

There’s also a “How to Speak Geek” section which is worth scanning even if you (like me) aren’t attending Comic-Con this year. It’s a couple pages of geeky references, things like “snikt” and “nerf herder” with brief descriptions so the non-geeks can follow along. If Conan O’Brien’s interview with Seth Green is any indication, he might do well to give this section a good read.

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