Contest: Remix the “GeekDad” Song (GeekDad Weekly Rewind)

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GeekDad by John Anealio

Want a chance to win some awesome prizes from Wired and ThinkGeek? Then enter the “GeekDad” Remix Contest!

First, if you haven’t heard the “GeekDad” song yet, click the play button on the player above. You can even download it absolutely free, just click the Download button on the player above or click here.

Next, download the separate vocal, guitar, bass, drum & synth tracks from the dropbox folder here and import them into your audio editing program of choice. (If you’re new to this sort of thing, use GarageBand on the Mac or Audacity on the PC.) Then remix to your heart’s content. Add loops, create your own keyboard or guitar parts, sing a harmony, chop up the files and have a blast. Just please don’t use any copyrighted material in your remix!

Think of this as a musical celebration rather than a contest. Up to 10 random entries will win prizes from Wired and ThinkGeek, including the new GeekDad Book, GeekDad T-Shirts and ThinkGeek Gift Certificates (up to $100).

Also, up to 5 remixes will be included on the “GeekDad” Remix Album which will be made available for free on

E-mail an MP3 of your remix to by July 29th.

Good luck!

ADDENDUM: Savvy remixers will likely want to know that the song is in the key of C Major and is 124 BPM. Now get to it!

[This article, by John Anealio, was originally published on Thursday. Please leave any comments you may have on the original.]

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