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While everyone else is busy comparing Google+ to Facebook, I have been checking out a different cool social media application called is a free online application that connects to your Twitter stream and harvests the most popular links being shared by those you follow on Twitter.  Therefore, it removes the “chatter” from your stream to reveal only the most popular links.   Here is how describes itself:

We ignore the chatter and only look at links shared in your network. Then we trend those links and ignore those that get lost in the noise. The result:

You’re always in the loop without ever getting exhausted, people will wonder how you manage it. It’s because you aren’t average. You have Strawberry Jam!

The keyword search feature works wonderfully and returns quality links shared in a network anywhere from real time up to the last 24 hours.  If you have worked hard to find great twitter accounts to follow, you will love  Think about how RSS feed readers help manage your online news gathering process and you will begin to understand the power of So, whether you follow cooks, crafters, geeks, or bookworms on Twitter, you can use to present only the really good tweets.

Although is still a closed beta product, its interface is very polished and intuitive.  I really like the daily e-mail alerts feature that sends popular links from up to four of your chosen keywords.  I did not have any luck getting the list feature to work, but I will just ping the folks on Twitter and let them know.

The site hints at upcoming Facebook integration, so this product has tons of potential, especially if it can filter Facebook fan page links. As for future features, I would love to be able to switch between multiple Twitter account streams without having to create a separate account for each Twitter account. In the mean time, I love watching the cute little bee, Beeta, pop out from behind the results box and let me know how many popular links it found. is currently in closed beta, but if you tweet a request to @strawberryapp, you will likely get an invite to this new, super cool, content gleaning secret weapon.  You can also register through the website. If you get an invite, be sure to provide feedback to so they can make it even better.


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7 thoughts on “Buzzing About

  1. Hey! Thanks for the awesome write-up Gina, it is much appreciated.

    As for the lists issue, we were recently made aware of the fact they were not working. This is due to an API issue that we are currently attempting to work out. I will make sure to let you know ASAP when that functionality begins working again.

    If you have any questions, please, feel free to email me, and feel free to like us on Facebook, or Follow on Twitter (@strawberryapp) 😀

    Thanks again, Gina!

  2. Quick update, public lists should be working just fine now. We also added a tool-tip to help new users easily add lists.

    Once again, so sorry about the inconvenience. Let us know if there are any more issues with the lists (or anything else with the service).

  3. I found out about this site from a problogger article. It seems like a really good program that has a lot of potential. I’m excited to see how the Facebook integration will work.

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