Summer Viewing Fun From Netflix: Young Indiana Jones

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My family has been fans of the Indiana Jones movies for a long time. My wife and I like them, and over the years the kids have liked them. Thanks to a dedicated reader giving us the heads-up a couple weeks ago (thanks Justin!), we can now watch and learn what formed Indiana Jones into the adventurous man that he is, by way of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

Originally a short-lived TV series in the early 1990’s (before many of our kids were born), The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles –repackaged as The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones in 1999 — is now available for streaming via NetFlix (along with the mail service for the DVDs).

This is a great series that is generally safe viewing for younger children. It serves up an interesting back-story to some of the quirks and habits of Indiana Jones. Also, if you or your kids have only seen the four Indiana Jones movies, you now get to watch him as a ten-year-old going around the world with his father until he was a teenager involved in World War I.

George Lucas created the timeline and back-story for this series… and if you listen closely, you’ll find the “Wilhelm Scream” in three of the Young Indiana Jones episodes, because Lucas really likes that sound effect.

So add it to your queue and pull it out in the summer when you hear the inevitable “I’m bored…”

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