Summer Camp For The Next Generation of Film Makers

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This summer Apple is offering a three day “camp” to kids ages 8-12. It’s helpful if you have your own Mac and digital camera, but it seems there’s still a lot to be learned if you don’t. In three hours over two days, kids will have a chance to learn the basics and make a movie, to be showcased (optionally) at a film festival on day three. You can find out if your local store is participating on the Apple website. If it was 8 and up I’d be going myself!

Don’t want to spend three days in an Apple Store? Check out some online tutorials and have your own film festival at home.

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2 thoughts on “Summer Camp For The Next Generation of Film Makers

  1. This is incredibly cool! My 8-year-old son would LOVE this! He’s tinkered around with my iMovie software a bit…

    So let me march on down to the local Apple store and…


    …there isn’t one around? The nearest one is 5 hours away in Atlanta???

    Aw man! Our previous two homes had them in the same city, this is so disappointing.

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