“Punch it, Chulley!”

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Hike n ChulleyHike n Chulley

Bleee's "Hike n Chulley"

As one of the blog’s resident fashion nerds, part of my morning routine includes checking my favorite daily t-shirt sites. Today’s haul proved particularly enlightening, and, I dare say, topical. As many of my fellow geeks are waiting patiently for this fall’s release of these amazing Star Wars/Muppets figures at the nearest available Disney park, it seemed pertinent to spotlight the new Ript Apparel t-shirt. The handiwork of UK-based animator Billy “Bleee” Allison, it reimagines our favorite smugglers as Michael Wazowski and James P. Sullivan (AKA: Mike and Sulley of Pixar’s phenomenal feature Monsters, Inc.). This delightful design is available in kids and adult sizes, as well as emblazoned upon hoodies and onesies. Sadly, this is a 24-hour limited engagement, so order one now.

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