The Other Side of Mompetition: Dadversaries

Geek Culture

In case you’re not familiar with Mompetition, it’s a very funny blog that satirizes the one-upmanship that often takes place among parents. How early did your kids walk, talk, read, ride their bikes? How much time do you spend reading to them each day? You don’t let them eat anything with high-fructose corn syrup, do you? And of course, the question that Tiger Mom has everyone asking: how many hours do your kids spend practicing piano and violin every day?

Mompetition is particularly fond of making Xtranormal videos to make their point. This week they posted the video you see above: “Dadversaries.” As a stay-at-home dad myself, it really struck a chord. Fortunately I’ve rarely faced anyone quite as hostile as the mom in this video—but may we be as level-headed and friendly as this dad.

And remember: never leave your kids with strangers.

(Thanks to GeekMom Kathy Ceceri for pointing this one out!)

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