Snow Geeks: Wired on the Mountain

Photo by Alexandra Siy

Once upon a time there were Snow Bunnies and Ski Bums. They sewed patches on their jackets and collected pins to stick in their hats. But the Mountain has changed…

Yesterday, I skied Vail. When I got home I went straight to Epic Mix and found out I had earned my Quarter Life  pin (for covering 25,000 vertical feet this season) and my 9er. On Thanksgiving I earned a Snow Turkey pin at Breckenridge

9er: Earned for 9 checkins on one mountain in one day!

My kids love the pins and the statistics and the sharing on Facebook. Still…it feels a little like Big Brother is watching. But no harm done, and it beats sewing patches on jackets.

My Quarter Life pin.
Photo by Alexandra Siy

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