Countdown to Miracle Day: The Return of Torchwood!

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Torchwood: Miracle DayTorchwood: Miracle Day

Image: BBC Worldwide Productions

Fans of Captain Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper, let the hyperactivity commence: The premiere of Torchwood: Miracle Day is just eight days off.

The dark, hard-edged Doctor Who spinoff returns to television July 8 on the Starz network after a two-year break, following up the fantastic 2009 series, Children of Earth. (Just a heads-up to readers who share The Doctor’s adventures with their kids: If you’ve never watched Torchwood, you’re going to want to screen a few episodes first – language, violence and sex-wise, it’s generally not a family-friendly show you’d want your pre-teens watching.)

Though Miracle Day will run 10 episodes, the creators approached it as a single-story miniseries like the five-part Children of Earth rather than following the standalone story-of-the-week format of Torchwood‘s first two seasons.

BBC Worldwide and Starz have the buzz machine running full-bore at this point. Here’s the trailer released last month:

Starz has also just announced preview screening events in 11 cities, with information feeds via Foursquare and a newly-launched Miracle Day community site.

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