The BadDads are Saved: The Solution to Bike Helmetophobia

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There is no such thing as coincidence, as many a philosopher or theologian has opined, and the subject of this post gives them one more bolt in their quarrel of arguments as to the truth of that statement.  Just on the tail of Dan’s post yesterday about the GeekDad debate over whether making our kids wear bike helmets is important, or something we can slack off on as sometimes Bad Dads, comes this little piece about a new line of bike helmets with attachable hats, so they don’t look so much like dorky bike helmets.  I particularly like the Japanese fishing hat-looking one! The tough part is that they’re from a Danish company with no American distributorship yet, but many of the European retailers listed on their site have websites themselves, so you may be able to make a purchase – at a terrible exchange rate.

Link to Yakkay helmets.

Found via Boing Boing.

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