The Walking Dead Board Game Shambles Your Way This Fall

Tabletop Games

Rick Grimes and his collection of comrades have been traveling the eastern United States for more than seven years now, battling the undead and keeping bad guys at bay in the award-winning comic series, The Walking Dead. If you’ve ever thought about the zombie apocalypse, this is most likely it – an endless grind for survival: gritty and bleak, with lots of opportunity for disaster.

And if you think this is the perfect scenario for a little role playing, you’re not alone. Cryptozoic Entertainment recently announced an upcoming board game where you can assume the actions of one of the main characters from season one’s television adaptation of The Walking Dead. As one of the survivors, you’ll have to search for weapons and supplies to help ensure survival. If you fail or are overwhelmed by walkers, the game doesn’t end, though. You’ll join the groaning horde and do your best to attack the other survivors. Main characters regularly dying off? That sounds nothing like The Walking Dead!

The Walking Dead board game will be hitting the shelves of your friendly local game shops this September, just in time to learn the rules before season two begins on AMC.

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