Game on the Cheap with Nintendo Selects


The merciless double whammy to the discriminating Wii gamer is that first-party Wii titles generally offer the system’s most engaging gaming experiences but are painfully slow to drop in price. For those who have found themselves in this unfortunate predicament, Nintendo has just announced a new line of budget-priced games.

To coincide with the recent console price drop – you can now score a Wii for a meager $150 American – the Big N has also re-released four older Wii titles under the Nintendo Selects banner. Priced at $20 a pop, comparable to Microsoft’s own Platinum Hits lineup, this rebranding of the GameCube-era Player’s Choice line now makes it affordable for Wii gamers to go back and play through some of the notable titles they may have missed.

Nintendo’s biggest names take to the field in Mario Super Sluggers, a Namco Bandai-developed arcade-style baseball game that originally hit the console in 2008. However, those interested more in subtle world-building and vast customization options are urged to check out Animal Crossing: City Folk, the third entry into the highly successful life simulation series.

The Nintendo Selects line also features a pair of genuine Wii classics. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess marked Link’s first appearance on the next-generation console, not to mention being simultaneously released as his GameCube swansong. This dimension-hopping, T-rated action-adventure title is still considered by many to be the series’ finest installment.

Those who purchased their Wiis used without the original pack-in game or picked up the newly released Mario Kart bundle can also experience the iconic Wii Sports for this new $20 price point. It is quite literally the game that defined the system as we know it, so it certainly warrants a place in your collection.

Aside from some minor cosmetic differences like the Nintendo Selects branding on the exterior packaging, all four are identical to their original iterations. Save, of course, for the reduced price. If you’ve been holding off on purchasing any of the aforementioned games or are merely looking to pick up some more qualities titles, you should definitely give the current Nintendo Selects lineup a look.

Review and promotional materials provided by: Nintendo of America

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